Monday, January 9, 2012

Fortune Cookie Soaps Review

Hi lovelies, so today I literally ran home because I knew my Fortune Cookie Soap order had come in. I swear everytime the ups (or usps or fedex) guy comes to the door, its like Christmas all over again. Anyways, onto the reviews :)
The first soap i ordered was Sweet Tart Martini. It does have a hint of sweetart scent to it, but it has a little zing to it as well. This would be good for those who shower in the morning and want that little pick me up.

(real Froot Loops not included, just a prop by me :])
The other soap i ordered was In The Loop. I am IN LOVE with this scent. Huge props to FCS, they got this scent dead on. I even went and opened up a box of Froot Loops for comparison. Not a single difference! I cant stop smelling this! Will definitely reorder!

I also ordered the bar soap sample pack. They come in their own little baggies, but I think one soap really overpowered the rest of them, I just cant figure out which one. *And the plot thickens*

Overall, I am very pleased with my FCS order. The soaps arrived in a week (quite impressive). I plan to order again once I have more money :p #brokehighschoolbeautyaddictproblems lol

*Disclaimer: I was NOT paid to do this review, I purchased all products with my own money, and my opinions are all honest

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